Community Home Ownership Program

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In the midst of economic blight and the nation’s housing bankruptcy comes a program that is helping downtrodden individuals, regain economic trust, self esteem, and pride of ownership.

The C.H.O.P program, an acronym for Community Home-Ownership Program, started by  Joshua Host purchases foreclosed homes, that have been stripped an vandalized, for a deep discount. He then fixes those properties up, making them habitable. Backing him are thousands of investors, looking for a safe way to build their portfolios, these investors become “owner-financiers” giving the opportunity of home ownership to thousands that could not even fathom owning a home. No banks to contend with, or large down payment sums. Stone Equity Group does the qualifying for these investors, and qualifies based on payment history, job status, and overall “good citizenship” qualities. $500 down and$500 a month is the out of pocket expense for the potential buyer, with this they enjoy the pride of owning a home, and even get the tax benefits of owning.

At the end of 10 years, the home is owned FREE and CLEAR! It is NOT a rental contract, the occupant is responsible for the up-keep of the home, and any repairs and maintenance issues that may arise, just as a homeowner who was financed by a bank. There are 30 properties here in the Kansas City Metro area available and the list is growing everyday.  Mr. Host is doing this in 20 other states, improving the impoverished areas of Kansas City MO, Indianapolis, Akron OH, Atlanta GA, Memphis TN and Melbourne FL, just to name a few. For more details on the CHOP program and the houses available in the Kansas City MO area, or call 1-866-440-9131.  For a local contact and some preliminary information call Dan Thomson of Weichert Realtors 913-207-6443 or Elise Thomson at 913-522-8255.  If you are an investor, wish to purchase Kansas City real estate, and are interested in this program and/or building your portfolio go to

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  1. Elise says:

    I think this program is wonderful- it helps individuals and helps the community. Good job!!

  2. danielle says:

    wonderful program..i recommend this to my of my clients.

  3. charlene says:

    This program would be great if what this advertisement stated were true. First off, I know people personally who have families & fell for this great sounding oppertunity only to end up completely destroyed financially. Some of these houses are being “sold” for $50-$60k & it costs $1000’s just to get the uqtilities turned on. Abandoned gas lines, broken water, sewage, even electrical lines. Foundations are weak if not all together crumbling, furnaces & water heaters have to be replaced due to trapped moisture in some of the houses, & in that case now you have to worry about mold & health issues. The contract between the invester & purchaser even states that you are NOT allowed to have a home inspection done. Why? Because they wouldn’t be able to GIVE these houses away if someone told them how much it will cost them to get the house fixed up enough to live in. Someone should start a class action suit against Stone equity group for the all of the problems they have caused @ least 30+ families who thought they were getting a home. The credit bureau can give a big list of complaints against them. They do have an “F” rating with them.

  4. Sigman Sharon says:

    What programs have you found that work? I am surprised that no inspections are allowed.

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